Versions Please !?!

It would be really nice if DH actually included somewhere what version of MySQL, PHP, etc. are being run. For example, on the SQL page in the control panel, what is it, anyway? 3.x? 4? It does matter, especially when you’re trying to config 3rd party scripts that ask for this info.

If you make a php file with <?php phpinfo(); ?> in it, that will tell you a lot. So will opening a shell and typing php --version, mysql --version, etc…

This might be helpful:

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Although note that mysql --version will give you the client version and not the server version. I think there’s a way to get the server version from the CLI MySQL client, but I forget what it is at the moment. A lot of this stuff is in the kbase (although I couldn’t find the MySQL version).

MySQL 4 is being tested, but current server version is 3.23.55.


Thanks, I’m really very limited in my knowledge of anything other than HTML and CSS, amazed at what you guys know.


Thanks! I’ve got it bookmarked now.

(idjit here did a search for “MySQL version” and got one page with no info.)