Verotel Script Installation Nightmare

Hi there

I get trouble installing the verotel tickets club script on my dreamhost virtual server.
Get the 500 error all the time (even with all .htaccess disabeled).
Some verotel tech have tried as well ,to no avail so far…

Anyone here have the script installed and running, kind enough to give advices, tip, trick magick formulas, sacrificial rituals…

Anything to get it up and running.

Thanks in advance

Their techies are useless mate, we were going to add Verotel to our e-commerce solution but could not get straight answers from them, did not even seem to know their own system. My advice… give up and look for an alternative processor or gateway, i.e. WorldPay etc.

Bloody micky mouse Verotel, two weeks we wasted on thir nonsense :frowning: