Verisign Woes

Has anyone else been having trouble with Verisign?

I have two domains registered with them, and for almost a month now, I’ve been trying to get them to transfer the domains to another registrar.

They rejected the transfers four times, because they claim I never verified my desire to transfer. I never received anything from them but the rejection letter. However, I did verify in response to the email the other registrar sent me. I called Verisign, and they said something along the lines that their transfer system has been having problems, and if I just keep submitting the request enough it would go through.

Well, I requested the transfer yet again. This time, I received a rejection from Verisign saying my domains were beyond their expiration dates, and listed incorrect expiration dates for my domains, and said I would have to renew if I wanted them transfered. I called Verisign, and they confirmed that my domains were paid in full, in fact, one doesn’t expire until December, and the other doesn’t expire until 2004. So there is no reason they should have rejected my transfer request based on the expiration date.

Has anyone else had this kind of trouble with Verisign? If so, how did you resolve it? Sorry to post this here, but I really just needed to vent. I’m so angry.

Hello, You’re not the only one so good luck :frowning: The FTC is investigating them because of the way they are screwing people. Go here to read many many stories about how nasty VeriSign is. I got lucky a year ago and got away from them and transferred to Dotster which went very smoothly. After that I heard about a lot of people having trouble transferring their domain elsewhere. I really hope you get it straightened out. Good Luck!!! :slight_smile: