Verifying steps to transfer hosting from Namecheap


Here’s what I think I need to do to transfer web hosting of MYSITE.COM from namecheap to dreamhost:

(*) Add MYSITE.COM as a ‘hosted domain’ at dreamhost.

(*) At namecheap, go to ‘Domain Name server setup,’ click ‘Specify Custom DNS Servers,’ and list,, and as the custom domain name servers for MYSITE.COM.

… and that’s it. I shouldn’t have to change the registrar lock, because namecheap can remain the registrar. I just want dreamhost to handle the web hosting.

Is that about it? If I missed a step, I hope you’ll let me know!


Hi There!

Thank you for contacting us for support. We have some helpful wiki’s that will help walk you through transferring your hosting and if you decided you want to transfer your domain registration over to us here:

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff


Hi, Matt,

I did see and read those support pages before starting the thread, but am still confused as to what has to be done to transfer the web hosting to dreamhost. I don’t see any reason to change the registrar.

Could you please look over the steps I listed above, and tell me if I have it right, or am missing something? I’ll be grateful.


If you wanted to keep the domain registration at Namecheap, then yes, your steps are correct. The only step that you’ve omitted would be to add the domain as a fully hosted domain on your account using the “Manage Domains” section of the DreamHost Panel.


Looking at your steps. You are correct :slight_smile: If you are not transferring your Domain registration over to us. You just need to point the nameservers over to us.

Once you upload and set up your website, return to your old host and change the nameservers for your registration to point to DreamHost using the following names:
This allows your files to be viewed on our server while the name is being transferred to us. Visitors are able to access your site as the registration points them to your account at DreamHost.

Matt C


Thanks for the responses, Andrew F and DH Matt C! I do have the site listed as a fully hosted domain under ‘Manage Domains,’ so I guess I’ll just sit tight and wait for the changes to propagate around the 'net.


DNS propagation time can vary (anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple days). This site is helpful to track your site’s propagation:

After you’ve given it some time and you still don’t see your site, you can also try clearing your cache and/or flushing DNS from the web panel: Manage Domains > DNS > Refresh DNS for now?


I made the changes about thirty-one hours ago. The Netsol WHOIS record shows your name servers for, at: shows a Dreamhost IP address for has propagated all over the world. (Or at least says you own the IP address.)

BUT!! … when I plug into my browser, even after running ipconfig /dnsflush, I get the namecheap ‘This domain was recently registered …’ page, and not the Dreamhost quickstart page. If I understand correctly, this means that the internet is still sending to namecheap, and not to Dreamhost.

If only I could figure out what I’m doing wrong!


When I visit, I see the DreamHost Coming Soon! quickstart page. Have you tried clearing your cache by any chance?


Some types of malware will prevent that from running correctly… i.e. the malware doesn’t want your DNS cache cleared because it has it’s redirects all living there… Browser caches are also sometime corrupt for the same reason.

I too get the dreamhost quickstart page.

if you have a smartphone, turn off wifi so that you will get a cellar IP and try from there. Next turn wifi on the phone back on so that it will browse using your local IP and try again. If the second time (on wifi) you also get the dreamhost quickstart page then it means that your computer is still caching the old info for whatever reason. If the wifi test takes you to namecheap like your computer does then your ISP’s nameserver hasn’t updated yet. only shows a majority of meaningful network points around the world… It does not show the status of EVERY nameserver in the world.


Thanks, DH_Elle S and LakeRat, for your responses.

I’m using a PC, and not a smartphone. I’ll run Kaspersky again to double check, but I’ve seen no signs of malware on my system. I checked on Firefox,Chrome and IE; same namecheap start page, and it’s now been forty-three hours.


I realize your using a PC… but your smartphone would allow you to test from 2 different networks to see if you can pinpoint which DNS issue you are having.


I ran ipconfig /dnsflush once more, and voila: the dreamhost page is up. Problem solved.

Thanks again for the help.