Verifying domain ownership



I was hoping someone could help me verify my domain ownership with google apps. I searched the forum for a thread but I didn’t see anything.

Basically, my domain is registered elsewhere and hosted with dream host. I have a google apps account set up and just need to upload a file to the server of my domain.

I have no idea how to do this and have spent the last month screwing about it. The other option, messing with the DNS, looks tricky and I don’t want to mess it up.

The thing is, I won’t be building a site with the url i want to verify, it is for email purposes only.

Thoughts, suggestion and advice are all very welcome.




well i assume you are speaking of uploading the html file generated by google right? if your domain is fully hosted you can go to manage domains and click on the webftp thing and upload the file to the directory (where all of your files should go that are to be viewable on the web).


Thanks for your advice Ryo-ohki. Yes i meant the google html file. I’ve tried logging in to the webftp but i get a message saying
"An error has occured. Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server."

Does “fully hosted” mean that the domain name was registered with dream host too? Currently i have three domains that are hosted by dream host but I don’t think any were registered there.

Any advice? I’d really appreciate it.



No i don’t mean registered with dh. I mean when you go to manage domains does your domain say its fully hosted? if not you will need to click on add new domain and be sure to make it fully hosted. then you shouldn’t have a problem.


Oh right, sorry. It was already fully hosted. When i try to login the ftp this is the full message i get.

"An error has occured.

Unable to connect to FTP server on port 21.

Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Go back or Go to the login page

View technical details

technical details are

"The error occured in file /usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/includes/ on line 56.

function ftp_openconnection (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/modules/browse/ on line 234)
function net2ftp_module_printBody (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/ on line 313)
function net2ftp (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/index.php on line 61)
    argument 0: printBody"

Many thanks again,


submit a support ticket

also have you tried using your own ftp program like filezilla or the fireftp addon is good too (if you are using firefox that is).


I tried filezilla and it says the connection timed out. could not connect to the server. I noticed it also says this at the bottom of the screen when i try access the server thru dream host’s ftp.

what’s a supporting ticket please?

#8 doesn’t appear to be set up correctly. The domain has been configured on our end, but it looks like the domain is not currently pointed to us – you will need to change the registration with Easyspace to point to our name servers.


Thanks andrewf, I’ve contacted easy space but they’ve been slow to respond. I was looking thru a list of passwords my web developer handed over to me yesterday and I saw that he’d set up FTP with Is that why I can’t access ftp via dreamhost? He had access to our easyspace account so presumably that’s where it is pointing to at present. However, I can’t access the site at “The server is taking too long to respond”. Do you have any ideas about what might be going on?



That wouldn’t be the reason. You do not have the name servers updated to point to dreamhost still. Most registrars give you a control panel to manage your domain name yourself. You should log into your account at easy space and modify the name servers yourself instead of waiting for them to do it. the correct information is and some only let you use two so you can put the first two it will be ok. Until you do this you will not be able to ftp into your space using your domain name. While you wait, however, you can go to manage domains and create a dreamhosters subdomain (i.e. and make it a mirror of so that way you would be able to access your space with the sub-domain and work on your site until you get things straightened out.


THANK YOU! Hopefully all sorted now.