Ventrilo hosting - can't do it?

I set up a little vent server on my hosting account.

After installing it i ran a little nohup process through ssh so it wouldn’t shut down.

I got an email from the policy bot:

"Our automated system has come across the following activity under your account that is in violation of our Terms of Service.
We request that you take any necessary action to cease the activity as quickly as possible or we will be forced to take further action. If
you were not aware of any such activity, please feel free to contact support and we can look into the issue further.

User running “./ventrilo_srv”. This process is against our policies."

anyone else got this before?

I don’t see the big deal, its only 8 people max that can sign on through it. I guess i’ll take it down when I get home. I don’t see how this process is using THAT much resources.

You can’t run persistent processes on a regular DreamHost shared hosting account.

It’s pointless to argue why it would be reasonable, but I don’t mind… :slight_smile: Anyway, I suspect that part of the problem is that:

  1. Ventrilo just gets caught in the general “no persistent processes” rule.
  2. So they’d probably have to have special detection to allow Ventrilo or TeamSpeak.
  3. Even then, they’d have to detect whether it was too heavily loaded.

At any rate, I’m sure you could convince me that there was a reasonable technical solution, but you should probably just put in a suggestion for Ventrilo support.

I have an account at another shared host that does allow TeamSpeak, so I don’t really need that support here (but I’d support your suggestion so I could consolidate my accounts).

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If you need vent hosting, it’s pretty cheap to buy just about anywhere. I can offer you an 8-user vent host on my dedicated box by the end of this weekend if you really need it (for free, though cough I accept donations cough) - though you’d be better off using Teamspeak honestly (considering it doesn’t have such a cheap user max).

PM me if you’re interested - otherwise good luck with whatever else you choose to do. :slight_smile:

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Thanks for the reply guys (and offer mousee :slight_smile: )

I have used teamspeak for a year or so then switched to ventrilo. Little partial to vent since it sounds a lot better (in my opinion).

I mainly just wanted a little 8 person service for a few friends but i think i’ll need more than 8 in the long run (which would require i rent slots anyway). But i’ll put in a support request for it. Would be cool to run my own vent server as long as it’s not a resource hog with 8 people on it.