Ventrilo allowed?


Hi dreamhosters… Before signing up I would just like to ask if we’re allowed to run a ventrilo server. Thanks.


No, persistant process such as servers arn’t allowed. If memory serves Ventrillo also requires a port to be opened, which is something else you can’t do.

:frowning: sorry.

–Matttail - personal website


I don’t think too many companies will allow you to run persistent processes on a shared hosting plan and I wouldn’t want to be hosting with one that did, it could prove to be a nightmare for others on the shared box.

Your best, albeit relatively expensive, option would be a dedicated server. Unfortunately DreamHost does not currently offer their own dedicated servers. I am not sure when in the future DreamHost will begin to offer their own dedicated servers, but for now they have done a deal with (see link below).


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