When I started with DreamHost in 2002 it took between 3 and 7 hours to get a response from support. And I was happy.

Right now I have one ticket in for 2 days, 6 hours - that has been forwarded to “Discussion List expert” as of 21 hours ago. That ticket is low priority and I don’t really care. But one of my lists is completely down and I put in a critical ticket (my first ever, I think) over 17 hours ago now.

17 hours (and counting) for a critical seems really beyond silly to me.

Everything else about DH is great, IME, but their support is really failing these days.

DH may be busy recently.

  1. DH has updated the control panel recently.
  2. DH has fixed the problems caused by the power outage recently.
  3. DH has implemented new promo code policy recently.

I understand DH but agree with you that DH should improve their support. The support is very important for new customers.

And, you can post your questions in the forum. Some experts (customers) in the forum will try to help.

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I think power outage made a lot of new tickets.
It’s been a busy week for DH.

But it’s right, you can’t expect instant response from a big hosting company like DH today (because yes, DH is big now).

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Shouldn’t take much longer. They seem to be just behind as mentioned.

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I don’t expect instant. But you’d think a customer that’s been around for five years and had one critical ticket in all that time could get a better response time than the now 1 day and 14 hours it’s been in.

The non-critical is now up to 3 days and 4 hours.

Yay! 1 day and 16 hours and I received a response. It’s still broken, but good to know that someone’s looking at the issue at last! :slight_smile:

Now is a hard time for DH.

I hope DH can fix the problems as soon as possible.

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I do feel for them, more than 400 in the queue on a Sunday night.

Wholly - IS NOT MY PROMO CODE. Even worse, I don’t get any credit for it. Use WhollyMindless for full credit. I’m really disappointed in someone.

The queue is pretty high for a sunday night. And I feel bad that the user above received a long wait. There has already been internal discussion today about adding more staff to sundays.

That being said, our average response time over the last few months has been 5 hours. The idea that support times are slipping is actually incorrect, as we have actually been hitting the 5 hour mark that I promised to get us to a few months ago. Interestingly, in february approximately 50% of all incoming messages were answered in the first hour.

Hey, Michael - do you think you could train more people in discussion list support? I’m assuming that’s why these issues are taking so long, is that there are a limited amount of people who can address my issue.

The panel’s down out the moment, but the first ticket has to be going on 4 days now, and the second, while I received a response after 1 day and 16 hours on my critical, the tech said he would “run a mail server update” and let me know the status in an hour, and it’s been 12.

So neither issue has been resolved. :frowning:

I was so excited about finally getting a human response, but it’s been almost 24 hours and the tech still has not followed up and our list is still down.

Thank you very much to Beth who fixed the problems. :slight_smile: