Vdeck index.html

I’ve been working on a new domain for a day and all of the sudden, I started getting a vdeck index page message. This message says

"Welcome to your future Website

In order to view your website, please remove this file “index.html” and replace it with your own index.html file."

Well, I don’t have an index.html page in the root of my domain, only an index.php. My registrar shows the dns servers pointing to ns1/2/3.dreamhost.com as well as dnsstuff.com. I’m at a loss as to why it would start messing up after I was just working on it fine a little earlier today.

Anybody have any ideas? BTW, my registrar (iPower) is using vdeck but I have never hosted anything with them.

Page is http://www.americaactnow.com

I just tried your site here (South-Eastern Australia) and it appears fine for me.

I suspect that what you were seeing was the result of the DNS information for your domain not having fully propagated across the Internet, this can take up to 72 hours. In my experience, it is not uncommon to see a domain ‘jump’ back-and-forth while DNS is propagating, before settling on the new DNS servers. Once your ISP’s DNS servers have settled on the new information, you should have no problems accessing your site.


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thanks, i just wasn’t patient enough i guess.

No problem, I am glad to help.

DNS propagation can be a strange thing at times, I’ve had newly registered domains that resolved correctly within 20-30 minutes, only to find them unavailable a little while later. These days, I try to register the domains, or change DNS settings a week or so before I know I’ll be needing the domain, this allows plenty of time for things to settle.


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