Vbulletin on Dreamhost

I might want to start a forum with Vbulletin on Dreamhost. Before I do it. Any advice? I heard that Dreamhost is bad with hosting Vbulletin. Do you run Vbulletin with Dreamhost?

A quick search in the forums shows that vBulletin can be resource intensive. Much of it having to do with plugins. And, of course, users.

Are you running vBulletin, or an existing forum? How many users? If it’s new or doesn’t get tons of visits, most anything can run here on a shared server, then upgrade as usage increases.


I’m starting from scratch

Then you’ll be fine for a (long) while, as long as you don’t go crazy with the plugins and fill it up with resource-intensive clutter. Tons of images really slow a site down, but generally not the server, as they don’t take a lot of processing. Again, it’s all the extra bells and whistles that bog a site down.