vBulletin forum


Is anyone here using a vBulletin forum hosted on dreamhost?


I’d like to see some vbulletin forums in action on DH. Urls appreciated thanks.


I’m sure there are many people using it; however, I have heard that it isn’t as good as the Invision Power Board software. You might also consider phpBB (as long as you keep it updated), which is available as a One-Click installation.

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As the owner of http://www.captivereefing.com, I had issues with phpBB and the CPU load it was causing with high traffic, with vB and the same traffic (actualyl more) the CPU load has been cut by well over 3/4, as a general rule the forums are generated faster, most in <.5 seconds, the biggest delay is due to the MySQL daemon living on another server so a bit of latency there as compared to my test servers where the Apache and MySQL generally run on the same box.

so vB on DH? definately doable, and well worth the investment in vB unless you enjoy patching things every few weeks.


I’m running vB on one of my website. It’s still in beta & haven’t really promoted it yet so it has like 10 members.

It seems to run fine… The vB software itself kicks out some DB errors once in a while but I don’t see anything wrong from the ACP.

Hope it helps,