Vbulletin downtime due to Cephus migration


part of my site has been down since saturday, and i have had two tickets in because i cant tell if the migration is finished and i need to edit some database settings now that the migration is done or if things are still in progress and i shouldnt mess with anything.

Should i sit tight and wait things out, or should i be working on my website to fix whatever happened with the migration? I dont want to make things worse.
either way, this has been a VERY rare instance where i have had absolutely no response from dreamhost. I am feeling very frustrated.


do you have a status message in the panel about the migration?

Were they changing your server, or was this a hardware failure?


yes, and hardware failure i believe. It was Cepheus.

Was able to locate the file that was missing… amazing how one file out of an entire directory didn’t get transfered. We just got it running again on our end and i have cancelled our tickets. now i just have to hope that thats the last of these issues…

I have 17 sites and only one of them had this problem, every single file, but one made the move just fine.