Vbulletin bad choice for dreamhost?


Hi, I have recently loaded up vbulletin on my level 1 plan here. It loaded ok, but with only two members the server loads are jumping from 2-4 making the forum really slow. Do you think it’s impossible to use this on my shared plan?

If so, can you please reccomend me some good alternate software with almost as much functionality as vb. I didn’t like their phpBB. too simplistic for my tastes



I haven’t used vBulletin, but if only two users slow things down, it sounds like something’s wrong. I’d be surprised if vBulletin is that badly written.

I use PHPbb (http://www.phpbb.com), and am happy with it.



it’s not badly written. it’s my favorite forum software yet is pretty resource intensive. anyway, I contacted dreamhost about this too and they said that my server load was normal for a shared server. if I went to a dedicated server of my own, It’d be a different story. But they said those loads were normal. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I LOVE vbulletin, but it just needs more control of the server to use it D:


The server load, as displayed in the uptime command via SSH, is a combined figure for all users on that particular server (there may be hundreds of users sharing your server). I doubt that your forum, with only 2 users, would have much of an impact on the overall server load.


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I don’t know how the vbulletin works, all I know is I used it with two members and it would slow down a lot when I started posting and performing mod actions on there. I got rid of it and installed smf. it’s running a lot faster so I think I’m set.