Vbulletin and allow_url_fopen

So with vbulletin, in order to allow people to set avatars in their profile from other sites (remote rather than upload), you need to enable this within the PHP config. I see this is disabled (thanks wiki!) and that’s understandable. The problem is, I have no idea where to begin working around this within vbulletin, and I doubt they would provide such a service even with ‘support’.

Have any of you addressed this? I’m happy to use Curl if need be…


Just a thought, but remotely-sourced avatars are a big problem when it comes to bandwidth theft. You may want to disable that option instead.

Simon Jessey
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The funny thing is that it’s not even disable-able. :wink: You can comment out the front end code but they didn’t build an option to disable into the app. Weak.

I’m a phpBB man myself.

Hi There,

I don’t think it would be an issue for bandwidth theft as I believe it copies the remote avatar to the local filesystem - otherwise it’d just hotlink it rather than bothering with allow_url_fopen.

Has anyone found a way to get this working with cUrl? It also affects users who wish to upload attachment images from remote sites - forces them to save it to disk then upload from there…