Varnish & SSL

I changed my DreamPress site to https and was wondering what impact that had on Varnish. I used the test and it said it’s running, but that the age is less than 1. The headers it shows have stuff like no-cache in the mix. Was wondering if it was https that was messing that up, or if it’s even possible to use caching on https.

Any thoughts and/or best practices for that?

Hi Guygg,

While https and SSL do work fine on DreamPress, the Varnish caching aspect, unfortunately, will not work with https. Other caching can be configured for it via plugin, however. SSL requests are encrypted and Varnish does not know how to read those.

If your site does rely on Varnish caching for a performance boost, it may be noticeably slower over https, otherwise it all works as it should.

Hope this helps!

If I use a caching plugin, would there be any kinds of conflicts with Varnish? I don’t see any domain setting to enable or disable Varnish, so I didn’t know if it might dislike using a alternate caching plugin and cause any weirdness.

Also, any best recommended caching plugin for me to use on a DreamPress domain? W3 Total, perhaps?


FWIW, for anybody else interested, WP Super Cache seems to be working well for me.

Varnish and SSL is an ongoing topic!

The basic solution is that you need to put something infront of your Varnish instance that supports SSL (normally an nginx server).

Or ofcourse you could use a cloud Varnish solution like which takes care of SSL for you

Just FYI, this is something we’re working on so you don’t have to put anything in front of Varnish, we’ll do it for you.

Mika - Any idea when this will be rolled out (if it hasn’t already)? Would love to see this support as SSL is looking more and more appealing.

It’s fixed! Goodness, we updated it … in September? October maybe. SSL and Varnish are friends :slight_smile: has been updated too.

Not sure about the advisability of resurrecting an ancient thread, but I’m having similar difficulties with Varnish and SSL on Concrete5. Is there an easy fix for this? I would love to just turn Varnish off but can’t figure out how to do that.

I saw your other post where you announced you solved the issue. Let’s close this ancient thread :slight_smile: There is usually very little value in resurrecting them anyway: things have changed in so many years so whatever caused the issue in the first place, most likely is not there anymore and a new investigation needs to be done.