Varnish guide for Dedicated DreamHost servers?

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that DreamHost has some pretty good guides for installing other services and features (e.g. memcached, OPcache) on Dedicated server options.

But nothing for Varnish.

I’ve been following some of the official Varnish docs and others on installing and configuring for Ubuntu server but keep getting:

  • Starting HTTP accelerator varnishd [fail]

when I attempt to start it with sudo service varnish start

I installed it from the default Ubuntu repo: sudo apt-get install varnish

Copied over varnish.service to /etc/systemd/system/varnish.service and changed the ports in the file to 80.

Running Apache.

Can anyone advise on steps to get Varnish running on DreamHost or steps I’m missing?

Ok. I managed to get Varnish started, but changing 80 to 8080 (search and replace all) in /usr/local/dh/apache2/httpd-argon/etc/httpd.conf now has Apache timing out.

Can someone advise how to correctly edit httpd.conf correctly for Varnish so it doesn’t time out?

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