Var/ directory access

I have a script that has a var/ subdirectory. I did upload the script with no errors, but now cannot access the var directory within.

What’s the script? What path is it using for var? Are there any other subdirectories you have that are working?


It’s bbclone stats, they have the stats writen to the var/ dir within bbclone/ directory. The script it self works fine, but I cannot modify/remove/chmod the var/ subdirectory via SSH.

[dalitz]$ rm -r var/
rm: cannot chdir from .' tovar/’: Permission denied

Based on the error message I don’t think it will help, but have you also tried using the “force” argument of rm? ie: “rm -rf var”

What user shows up as the owner when you do a “ls -l | grep var” in the bbclone directory? The same user that you’re logged in as?

I also noticed that there was a somewhat similar thread when searching forum entries. Maybe it could help you?

Thanks, that helped, needed “chmod -R u+x”, i think you can’t do anything unless the dir is executable “x”.