Validation: do you or don't you?

Quick question, folks. If you own a site or sites, do you validate the code and css? If not, why not?

I just noticed that doesn’t validate, which made me wonder. :slight_smile:

Meh…Well, for new sites, I try to validate, and generally do, but sometimes not completely…primarily because I’m lazy at times.

Many of my older sites do not validate - written when I was still learning. I’m saving tweaking them into validation at the next (client funded) re-design. :wink:

(Hey, at least I’m honest about it!)

I validate the XHTML/HTML/XML and CSS of all sites I build, whether personal or professional. Some of the sites I build are served as application/xhtml xml to conforming user agents, so everything I build must be well-formed as well. My validation habit also extends to Atom and RSS feeds. I strive to make sure my sites reach a minimum “A” rating according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and most reach the “AA” rating.

Validation and accessibility checking is really easy to do (although the latter can be a wee bit subjective), so there isn’t really any excuse not to do it.

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