Validating against mailbox users


Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to validate users against the useraccounts for mailboxes.

My main concern is to integrate all my webs in dreamhost with the user name and password of the mailboxes. That goes also, off course, for some one click installs like mediawiki (or manually installed by me)

Also would like to use this very same concept for google docs and calendar… but I don’t think that one would be easy.

So I will be more than glad if any one can tell if there is a way to validate against mailboxes so it may be integrated in other webs.

The objective is to centralize user accounts and passwords.


Highly unlikely.

As an aside, have you considered the repurcussions if someone’s account was compromised through a unsanitised script on just one site and their password was attained?

Systemwide account access. Ouch!