Valid address

When creating a new mailbox, I see the following warning:

“Create, edit, or delete any email addresses hosted on your DreamHost account.
Note: You should always have a valid address or some domains may not accept email from you.”

Is it enough to create a FORWARDING-ONLY postmaster@domain to fullfill this requirement?

What about not creating it at all, but creating a FORWARDING-ONLY catch-all@domain?

Thank a lot!

I have my postmaster@ (and maybe even abuse@) delete immediately. I think the goal is to not have those bounce, which may (but probably not) cause some ISPs to blacklist a domain.


I have postmaster@'s delete automatically.

Like Scott, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid a bounce.

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Indeed, I have been reading about it and it seems you both are right: the problem lies in the bouncing!
So I think my catch-all@ will do the job just fine!
Thank you a lot!