Vague billing notifications causes confusion and lacks clarity

Why can’t dreamhost simply tell me what I am paying for when they email me a bill?

When I get an email from dreamhost notifying me that I owe them money, no where in the email does it tell me what I am being billed for. It just says I owe them money. I have to login to the site, go to the billing & account section, not a big deal. But this section does not list what I’m being billed for either. Unless, I then do a search and from the results, download and open the pdf invoice.

I have multiple accounts, and multiple services so, again, why can’t dreamhost simply state what I’m being billed for in the email or how about right there on the billing and accounts section of the website?

By dreamhost sending me vague billing notifications, makes me feel like there’s something dreamhost is trying to hide, causes confusion, appears subversive and lacks clarity. Does anyone else notice this billing practice as an odd way to run a host/registrar company?

Thanks for the feedback @Dave_Davis. I learned that there is an internal project to revamp that communication. I don’t know yet when that will be done though. Rest assured that the issue is in product managers’ radar.

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