Utter Newb Question


I have a domain name that I own through Dreamhost but is being redirected to space owned by a friend who is also on Dreamhost. When I go to my url, it automatically switches to example.sitename.net. Say if I go to example.net/images it changes to example.sitename.net/images.

As an utter newbie who, while I’ve built pages, has never had to deal with deeper levels of things my question is this: Is there a way to make it so that the shown domain stays as example.net for the entirety of the time someone is viewing pages I have there? I know nothing about fiddling with htaccess files or anything related.


assuming you only own a domain and not a hosting account, and your friend is the only one of the two with a hosting account, then you’ll need to ask your friend to do it.

in your friend’s account, just change the redirect to being fully hosted and either move the files from /home/FRIENDSUSER/example.sitename.net/images to /home/FRIENDSUSER/example.net/images or select /home/FRIENDSUSER/example.sitename.net as the document root when setting up full hosting for example.net