/usr/local/tmp filling up?

my site is on chex, and in the past few weeks i’ve noticed the temp directory being full once or twice a week:

$ df | grep tmp
/dev/sda8 2071416 1966200 0 100% /usr/local/tmp

when this happens, my website returns completely blank pages. it usually gets fixed (back down to around 5%) in time that it would take me to file a support request (it’s happening now and will probably be fixed before i post this), but i’m wondering if anyone else is seeing anything like this?

also, i use php sessions and occasionally accept small (~100-k) file uploads from html forms. i delete or move the uploaded file, but is there something i should be doing about the sessions?

when you try to upload files, a temporary file will be stored in the tmp folder.

Is it because too many users are trying to upload files at the same?

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If you look harder at things you’ll see that many of the file systems report funky storage values. I’d expect better of NFS but it might be because of Dreamhost’s absolutely crazy usage.

It’s probably ok despite it looking completely wrong. (Check a full df -v for a scary looking list.)


I don’t think it’s really full, just reporting that it’s that to prevent people from going nuts.

Although it could be a conservative plot to prevent the disemination of the truth!!!


There was this post by Michael that talked about the percentages–which seems to be saying that over 100% is okay, but exactly 100% is bad.

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it definitely is actually full – it causes my site not to load! then within minutes it’s down to something like 5%, and my site loads again. so maybe i should keep track of times this has happened and put in a support request?

If it’s got less than a couple gig available (in spite of what df reports but it would be nice if it was right), then you’ve got a problem that you should definitely report.