Using XML to create faceted navigation bar

I am in the process of redesigning my e-commerce jewelry webpage, and I am hoping to include a feature that allows customers to search through our products by multiple facets, such as collections, types of jewelry, and gemstones used. I found a site which provides some instructions for getting started with this. However, I am new to using XML/XSML/XSMLT and am having some trouble figuring out what the next step I need to take is. I created an XML page based on the Facetmap wine demo page, and it works when I upload it to their site for testing. My problem now is that I do not know how to include this on my existing PHP pages for the website. Apparently it is supposed to go through a preprocess, process, and display phase, but Facetmap support is quite lacking and I am having trouble understanding what to do. If anyone can provide some insight on this I would be very appreciative. Thanks!


You need to make a php file to also parse the xml file. There are lots of examples for XML parsing, I happened to find one quite fast: XML processing with PHP.

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