Using Windows PowerShell with the AWS SDK for .NET

I’m having a hard time going from using a FTP site to using DreamObjects. The biggest issue is that I was using a scheduled .bat file to do the FTP uploading. It looks like the AWS SDK for .Net will give me the same functionality using powershell but how do I connect the the DreamObjects server using their powershell script?

This is the connection part of the script

[code]Add-Type -Path “C:\Program Files (x86)\AWS SDK for .NET\bin\AWSSDK.dll”



Is there a way to get it pointed to DreamObjects?

I’m not a .NET expert, so I’m not 100% sure how to adapt this to PowerShell, but we do have documentation on using AWSSDK for C# with DreamObjects available at:

In short, you should be able to point AWSSDK to DreamObjects by creating an AmazonS3Config object, setting its ServiceURL to “”, and passing that into the AWSClientFactory constructor.

I wanted to follow up to say


This is my first time using PowerShell so it took a little digging on the Amazon forum before I found the config syntax that needs to be used.

Here’s the code.

[code]Add-Type -Path “C:\Program Files\AWS SDK for .NET\bin\AWSSDK.dll”


$config=New-Object Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Config
$config.ServiceURL = “



The first line of the code will point to the AWSSDK.dll installed from the AWS SDK for .Net if you are using X64 windows that path will be different so look it up.

The next two are your ID keys
After that you’ll have to create a config object and point the ServiceURL to

The next part creates the connection. You’ll need all that information to create a working connection for your scripts

The $client.ListBuckets is just one of many commands you can run.

You’ll need PowerShell installed

You also need Windows .Net installed

As well as Amazon’s AWS SDK for .Net

Getting started article

I hope tomorrow I’ll be able to swap out my old .bat ftp scripts to this and get to uploading files.

Thanks for following up and posting this info!