Using VWD to make website and how to upload?



I just created a webpage using Visual Web Developer 2005 and the Personal Website Template that comes with the program (, I think, right? or visual basic?).

So, when I uploaded all the files via FTP to my site, it just gave the directory and all the folders/files when I went to my url… not the “home page.”

I know with html that everything points to an “index.htm” page… but how does it work for me with the asp stuff?

How do I get the page to load??

Does Dreamhost even support this?


Dreamhost has no support for .asp pages.


Noooooooooo cries!

Well, I just made the purchase today… think they will cancel it tomorrow?

Who does, then?


You might want to do a Google search for hosts that support ASP. There are some that offer very small hostings for free so that you can try out ASP and see if you like it.
Or some hosting companies will give you a few months free first.

From my bookmarks folder. (I have not tried them, just looked at the pages!)



I would suspect that dreamhost’s new partner does asp hosting. - if you “sign up with the promotional code DH1MONFREE and receive one month of ANY service below FREE!” (that’s from

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