Using Vaultpress with DH



I am trying to get (VP) to work with DH.

In order for VP to work best with DH, they need access to my Wordpress (WP)installation and they use a plug in for that. Easy.

They also need access to my SFTP account that is related to the particular Wordpress installation I want them to back up - that’s easy too.

Here’s the issue. VP needs to access the SQL data base that is related to the WP installation I want them to back up.

I have the hostname, name and password of course, but with that they still cannot access the SQL data base.

From talking to VP and DH - they both agree that I have to whitelist the VP IP address in DH control panel to allow access to the SQL data base.

However I cannot determine the VP IP address.

Bottom line question. Does anyone have VP successfully configured to work with DH - specifically the configuration on VH that allows then to access the sql data base that is connected to the WP I want backed up?

Thank you for any insight into this.


I don’t think you actually need to the specific IP to whitelist, you just need the domain of the server you are trying to whitelist. (Note that the default in that input box in the panel is So you should be able to get that piece of information from vaultpress.

#3 is a special case — we internally convert it to a list of our IP ranges. For all other uses, we strongly recommend that you input the exact IP address (or addresses) that you need to grant access to.


DH support said I need the actual IP address of VP … and when I ask VP they do not reply.


This would be a great time for DH to partner with VP and make it a one click app

VP is well worth $15 a month - they cleaned up my Wordpress installations for me pretty quick

I just cannot get VP to connect to mySQL



VP replied with the IP’s and I white listed them on DH - sql settings
so all is working slick now



Any chance you can post those IPs here for future explorers?