Using the Thunderbird client

Hi guys, looking for some ideas …

So I want to start accessing my mail with Thunderbird, and I go to this link to see how to set it up …

I set it up as directed there, I click the retest and it changes the two Authentication fields to “Normal Password” and says that’s what they found … then when I click done, it tells me my login or password is wrong.

Now, I have verified the login and password is correct like 3 times, but I can’t get past this. I set it back to ‘Autodetect’ … when I retest, it changes them again to “Normal Password”.

I don’t know if its Thunderbird or Dream Host (however, I have my GMail and my business accounts working fine in Thunderbird, so …).

Help Please !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had issues configuring Thunderbird too. First thing, make sure you’re putting the correct mail server address in your configuration. It is listed in your control panel, check this guide to find exactly what server name to use:

SSL/TLS and “Normal password” work for me, port 993 on sub4.

If you don’t succeed, I suggest you to open a ticket or a chat session with support so you can save time and a headache :slight_smile: