Using The Links

For the second time in my WordPress-theme-building life, a client wants a Links section on their website.

I have found a nice query that I am playing with that lets me output the various things:

<?php //get the list of bookmarks
$bookmarks = get_bookmarks( array( 'orderby' => 'name', 'order'  => 'ASC' ));

// Loop through each bookmark and grab the variables you want
foreach ( $bookmarks as $bookmark ) { 
$name = $bookmark->link_name;
$description = $bookmark->link_description;
$link = $bookmark->link_url;
$rating = $bookmark->link_rating;
$target = $bookmark->link_target;
$visible = $bookmark->link_visible;
$relation = $bookmark->link_rel;
$notes = $bookmark->link_notes;
$rss = $bookmark->link_rss;
$image = $bookmark->link_image;


<!-- now you can echo whatever you need to give the links, ratings, description,etc. -->

NAME:   <?php echo $name; ?></br>
DESCRIPTION:   <?php echo $description; ?></br>
LINK:   <?php echo $link; ?></br>
RSS:   <?php echo $rss; ?></br>
VISIBILITY:   <?php echo $visible; ?></br>
NOTES:   <?php echo $notes; ?></br>
TARGET:   <?php echo $target; ?></br>
IMAGE:   <?php echo $image; ?></br>
<?php } ?> 

Okay, great! Now my actual question:

do links get an archive and singles page like posts and custom-post-types do? I tried to look at what “post-type” links are in the db, but it looks like links get their own table…so not a post.

If not, I can work with that by making a genric page-template, but I wanted to make sure I was on the right track before going much further.

Anyone know about this?

You mean like if you made a links.php would it call that instead of single.php? No.