Using the Jabber transports with Gmail

After some really annoying irregularities with the transport services I’m currently using - especially getting shut down without warning - I’m looking at using the account I registered on my DH Jabber server instead.

DH does have AIM and ICQ transport installed, but understandably this is only provided to accounts registered at the same Jabber server (unlike with services like, where anyone can register). Having an open proxy for everyone to use isn’t something I want either.

But the main reason I’m using Jabber is that I can access it from the Gmail web interface.

Does someone with more knowledge of Jabber than me know if I can somehow “forward” my DH jabber account to the Gmail account, for the best of both worlds?

I’ll just have a second go at it, if that’s all right. This would really help me a lot, as right now I have to depend on third-party transports that could go down or even steal my AIM identity at any time.