Using svn for website?


I’m looking to use subversion to track changes to our website. I’ve added a sub-domain and enabled svn and webdav for it. My first question is, what is the best method for pushing changes from to Of course we don’t want every checkin to be mirrored, just official release tags.

Also, some members on the team are not svn savvy. I’ve read that we can enable Dreamweaver and other programs to access the subversion site through webdav, but at the consequence of having a lot of automatic empty revision numbers. Does anyone have a good strategy for minimizing the impact of this? (In other words, how can we have our cake and eat it too?).

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Have a google for post-commit hooks. They can be used to run commands after a commit. Your command could checkout the latest version from the updated repository and put it in the directory your website is served from.

i did it by having post-commit use wget to request a cgi script which updates the files that the live site uses (previously checked out from svn manually). the cgi script is on and uses .htaccess to deny all connections not from dreamhost.

i posted a few more details on my site back when i did it: subversion for website development

i decided since i don’t really use branches that i sometimes want to check things in before i’m done, so i now have a manual svn update script (in php) where i can choose what subdirectory or file to update, or update the whole site.

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