Using SSH through Terminal to Install PHP 4


I’m pretty much a beginner, so please forgive me if I’m completely clueless. I’ll try to be clear…

I’m attempting to upload a new version of PHP 4 to my host via SSH through the terminal in Mac OS 10.3.9. The reason I’m doing it is to fulfill the PHP requirements for a shopping cart. The main feature that needs to be added is:

I’ve created myself a user with SSH access already. Then I had success logging into my host through the terminal.

Now, I’m not sure how exactly to enter the script to install the new version of PHP. I’m following the instructions here:

In the script, I change:
export DOMAIN=""
export DOMAIN=“

and I add:
to the bottom of the list of PHP functions I want enabled.

I’ve tried entering the first command:
vim installscript
and hitting enter, but it gives me a bunch of lines of blue “~” and then I can’t type anymore.

I then tried to put all of the copy (first command, followed by script, followed by two closing commands) into my text editor and then past it into terminal, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

If you know how to do this, I will be sooooo grateful.



Use “pico” instead of “vim”. That’s a text editor that is much easier to use. Ctrl + x to exit and then “Y” to save.