Using SpamAssassin


I’ve enabled SpamAssassin on my domain, but I’m a little confused on how to configure it via webmail ( Specifically, I’m not clear on what Tag Level and Quarantine Level are and how they work together. (The descriptions have a lot to be desired.)

Tag level is apparently “the numerical score required to identify a message as being spam.” Does that mean that incoming messages have a score assigned to them and those with scores above the number that I specify will be tagged as spam? Could someone clarify?

Quarantine level is “the numerical score required to prevent delivery of a message at the server.” This is the one that I’m most concerned with as it sounds like the switch that affects how much spam I’m getting. So if I set this lower (or higher?), I’m less likely to get spam, but I’m also more likely for legitamate messages to get caught as well?

Any more explanation on either of these levels would be great.


Joshua Kaufman


How do I get SpamAssassin to recognize my custom rule scoring?

I have email addresses at several domains forwarded to a single mailbox (which is also a shell user hosting one of the domains). In that account I created .spamassassin/user_prefs with rules such as the following:

score LOTS_OF_STUFF 3.5
score HTML_80_90 1.5
score HTML_MESSAGE 1.5
score MIME_HTML_ONLY 1.0
score HTML_90_100 1.0

However, the spam score for some email which has those rules set is less than the score for that rule.