Using Slashcode on Dreamhost

I’ve been making relatively simple, static web pages since 1995.

However, I’m fed up with static text and would like to use a database backend from now on. The only dynamic sites I have created were Lotus Notes/Domino databases.

I am interested in using Slashcode, the base code used for, as the basis for my web site.

I downloaded the code from SourceForge, and read the installation instructions a little. I do not yet know much about Linux (though I have been messing around with it here and there since 1996, but not enough to do much), am inexperienced with coding CGI scripts, etc etc … basically, anything relevant to getting Slashcode to work :slight_smile: I have done some SQL databases for classes, and have about 3 years of Java experience, so I am fairly confident I’ll get the hang of it with a little work.

Judging fromt the installation giude at , I am not sure if the Slashcode is compatible with the backend system in place at Dreamhost.

Does anyone have any idea if this is possible, and/or what I would need to do to get it running? The instructions tell me to do a number of things that (for good reason) Dreamhost restricts me from doing (such as modifying installations of MySQL, Apache, etc).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


This would all be possible using a DreamServer (dedicated server) from Dreamhost.

Slashcode will not run under any of the shared, Dreamhost plans as it makes a number of changes to the root setup and only runs off mod_perl which you won’t find supported on any shared hosting plan.


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Thanks for the tip …

I think $245 a month is going to be overkill for my personal web site that no one visits in the first place, though :slight_smile:

Well, there goes that idea, I guess.

Well there are similar systems, that can run on shared hosting plans. Most of these are written in PHP, however. Have you looked at (I think I recall it being) PostNuke?



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I have not in fact looked at PostNuke yet, though I have seen sites using it before.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into that next.

phpnuke will run under our system as well, as well as several other php and perl systems which are like slashcode.

for starters, there’s phpSlash:

there are links to a bunch of slashcode-like packages at:

as someone else mentioned, slashcode requires mod_perl, and is not supported on shared hosting plans. these other systems are generally lighter-weight, and will probably work better for a personal site.

FWIW I am running postnuke successfully on DH, the installation was quite painless and it did not require much more work than when I have set it up on standalone systems. ttyl,


I’m running phpNuke on a couple dreamhost hosted sites…
It’s an easy install… Just watch your file permissions…