Using s3cmd to access ceph object storage

I’m testing out ceph with s3cmd ( and it seems to work great but I get an MD5 checksum error every time I put a file (although the file looks fine).

$ s3cmd -r -P put somefile.png s3://mybucket/public/
somefile.png -> s3://mybucket/public/somefile.png [1 of 1]
 335 of 335   100% in    0s  1020.10 B/s  done
WARNING: MD5 Sums don't match!

Is there any reason why the MD5 sums shouldn’t match?

ouch… are you still having the problem?

I got the same warning a few days ago with a S3 compatible service, after diving into source code, I figured out that it’s a upper/lower case problem in s3tool code.