Using PHPList with DreamHost

Is there any help / guide about installing PHPList on DreamHost?
Will it make it easy to manage email lists?


I used phplist at another host. I found it very helpful for managing emails to people who attended my classes. I maintained a handful of lists to which they could subscribe/unsubscribe. I never got over 500 users, but it was easy to send emails to one or all of my lists.

Now I have just moved my site to dreamhost, and I need to decide whether to install phplist here or just migrate to Dreamhost’s announcement list. I’d appreciate insights from any one who’s made either or both moves.


If you run your own list software you 1) Have to carefully document your subscription process in order to fight any spam complaints, and 2) are subject to the 100 messages per hour limit unless you can convince Support to raise this limit.

If you’re not attached to a particular list, look at both currently available built-in options like Announcement and Discussion list.