Using OC, how to figure out billing charges for OC users?

Hola folks,

I am brand new to DO, still figuring things out. I just signed and waiting for someone to activate my test account.

I am building a backup service using owncloud + DO. Owncloud does not have statistics to show, how much a user uploaded or downloaded each month.

Now DO has specific charges for download and storage. I can understand the storage charges and bill the user in a prepaid package. Lets say $ 4 for 20GB.

My dilemma is how do I figure out, if the user is abusing bandwidth and eating up my download charges. 5 cents a GB for download can add up. I mean user could upload 4 GB iso and share it publicly.

I can alway tell my users 3 cents per GB for storage and 6 cents per GB for downloads. But my question is: Is there any way to figure this out? There is nothing available with owncloud.

I have not taken a look at DO CP as I am still waiting for someone to activate my account.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


In the DreamObjects control panel there is a usage tab that shows your download usage for the current billing period. There are also CSV reports you can view that has usage broken down further.