Using Namecheap for my domain, Dreamhost for my web host -- question

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So I’ve never kept my domain and hosting separate. I wanted to host a friend’s domain using my web host.

All I did was change the nameservers to point to Dreamhost’s nameservers (, etc) in the Namecheap control panel and then add the domain to my Dreamhost account.

My question is–since there was no authentication or verification, what security is there to prevent someone else from adding the domain to their host prior to me doing so? If the domain is pointed to the Dreamhost nameservers but hasn’t been added to an account yet, is anyone free to add it?

I know this is a seemingly simple questions, but I don’t get it.


Because hosting and domain registration are considered separate services technically a customer could add a domain to their panel even if they don’t own it.

However, if they don’t control the DNS ( at the registry) they would not be able to point it to us or make it live.

In the event that a customer somehow does this, we would have the account owner verify some information in the whois and remove the domain from the incorrect account so that it can be added by the rightful owner.


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