Using MySQL?

Recently I purchased O’Reilly’s Managing & Using MySQL and I really want to learn how to create database driven websites.

I’m a little confused as to how to create and connect to MySQL databases w/ Dreamhost. Can someone give me a very basic step-by-step process on what they do to create a new database, add information, and then use it in a website?

With an idea of what I need to do I could ask more direct questions. Sorry for the inability to really ask good questions now.


Maybe these links will help?

Also look at “MySQL and Perl for the Web” by Dubois. New Riders. When I first saw this book, I realized I could do it.

I appreciate the replies Will and MajorGeek.

I’ve actually gone through the kbase and I am able to set up a database. In fact I believe I have two set up. What I’m clueless in how to do is actually use those databases. Essentially, what I’m asking is where do I go from where those links leave off?

Lets say I want to create a phone book. I create my database and user. How do I create different tables and then add data into them? I’ll worry about how to search through them later, in the meantime I want to learn how to add data to my databases.

Does that makes senese?

Thanks for any help!