Using my Hosting for a Free Subdomain Service


I’m thinking about starting up my own free subdomain service using my Dreamhost account.

Are there any rules against it or limitations?


I don’t think there are rules against it, but whatever your users do, your account takes the hit for it. One user can hog up resources and you pay the penalty.

I checked on an account that’s Domain-Only, and it appears that the user can turn off bandwidth throttling and disk quotas. I don’t see any documentation on this in the wiki.



Scott is right, you should consider all the issues that anyone hosting information for others would: unlicensed content, security, resource usage, spammers, etc.

What sort of screening method will you have for allowing people access to your account? Have you read up on the DMCA process? What monitoring will you do to prevent runaway and insecure scripts that get uploaded, etc.


I’ve already taken possible risks into consideration. I don’t think I’ll have very many problems.


As long as you trust those on your plan, you’re fine. Thanks to Account Privileges (under the Billing menu), it’s pretty easy to administer.