Using Muse-created website

I’m trying to use Dreamhost to host a website I created on Muse. I uploaded the html via FTP, but the html comes out all wrong. My website is Can anybody help? Thanks.

You have a problem with the files stored in ‘scripts’, ‘css’, and ‘image’ directories return ‘Forbidden’ status code. First make sure the permissions on the files there are 644 and the directory 755. If you have an .htaccess you might have something in it blocking requests somehow.

If one is using Firefox you can use Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console and reload your page, and it will show all the related requests when loading your page and the status codes.

Alright, I’m not overly comfortable with html, how do I go about making sure the permissions are 644 with directory 755?[hr]
Oh! Nvm, figured it out! It works now, thank you SO much!!