Using MS WebMatrix... does Dreamhost support "Web Deploy" protocol?

I’m trying to use Microsoft WebMatrix to manage my WordPress site. (Please, no gripes about Microsoft products, OK?) I can use the FTP protocol to connect, but FTP cannot be used to manage the MySQL database for my website. There is a Web Deploy protocol that can be selected, but I am unable to validate the connection using that Protocol. It almost seems like a different server is needed, or else the protocol is not supported by Dreamhost.

Is “Web Deploy” a protocol supported by Dreamhost? Can I get a .PublishSettings file to use to configure my connection to Dreamhost?


It looks as though “Web Deploy” is a protocol specific to Microsoft IIS web servers. It is not supported by our servers at DreamHost.

Ah… well, that is OK. It may be more than I need to do, anyway. I have this local server now, but I’m wondering what the MySQL database has to do with my website. Is it an integral part of the WordPress implementation? Or is it more about managing accounts and other server data apart from the WordPress site?


WordPress stores most of its data (users, posts, pages, and configuration) in MySQL. You can connect to phpMyAdmin to view and manage the data in MySQL, at (You can look up the correct username and pasword for this in the “Goodies > MySQL” page of the DreamHost Panel.)

OK, well, that would explain why my local server does not work, at least not using WebMatrix. I don’t have the MySQL DB locally, so it is erroring out when it reads wp-config.php. Is there a software package that Dreamhost would recommend for building/managing site content via a local server?


I haven’t used it personally, but I’d recommend trying out a package such as WampServer or XAMPP which includes an Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL.

Thanks, Andrew. I’ll look into it. I think that his thread can be closed now.