Using Mambo with Simplemachines

I’ve installed mambo on my site as well as the simplemachines forum software. I’ve tried to configure the SMF bridge for mambo so that the two integrate with one another while still keeping smf and mambo on seperate databases. I keep getting an error message which I’ve discussed with the developer of smf here >

He says that the dreamhost custom control panel could be causing the problem. Has anyone configured mambo and smf using the smf bridge while keeping both on seperate databases?? Thanks for the assistance.

Not being familiar with the software you’re running, I’m not sure what the problem is, but it almost definitely won’t be the “control panel”, as it has nothing to do with how your site runs once it’s set up.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Thanks for the response. Are there any other ideas? The mod of simplemachines say I need to ADD the mambo user to the SMF database with full privileges and ADD the SMF user to the mambo database with full privileges. I have the same userid and password for both databases. Is that all I need to do to give both users access? Is there anything I should change in the "From what hosts (computers) may gforcey connect to the database field? Right now is just says “”

I have installed Joomla (a Mambo based CMS) and Simplemachines with the Joomla-SMF Bridge and it works great. I have both of these working off seperate databases. Seeing how as versions have updated, I’m using a different, though similar, CMS than you are and things have changed since you posted, I’m not sure that any of this applies. Try updating to the newer version of the software. Possibly even consider switching to Joomla CMS, since I know that it works personally, and it was easy and took all of 5 minutes.

Hope this helps!