Using Mail Through 3rd Party

I have my business email set up on my phone’s and computer’s Apple Mail client. But if I want to delete an email, it comes back with an alert saying it can’t move the email to trash. Is there something I can do to make it where I can fully control that email account through Apple Mail? I use that unanimously, and I really don’t want to keep logging in here every single time I want to move or delete an email.

Your post doesn’t make alot of sense? what works and what doesn’t? And are you using apples mail service ( or or whose? What does “logging in here” mean? (certainly not the dreamhost forum.) Where specifically can you delete and not delete emails?

I can only VIEW emails on my Mail app on my phone and computer. By “logging in here”, I meant logging in to webmail through DreamHost. I can’t seem to have tangible control of my email in my Mail apps. So I’m asking if there is anything I can do so that I can delete and move emails in my mail using my Mail app.

Assuming your phone is an iPhone, go to settings > mail contacts calendars > (select the dreamhost acct) > (select the acct again) > then pick advanced settings.

That will bring you to where you can set folders for drafts, sent, deleted, archive. Set each of those to the corresponding “on the server” folder.

If that solves the problem for you on your phone (I suspect it will), then you need to find the same settings in the computers mail app and update them.

Oh thank you so much! I never would’ve thought of that. It’s my first email server that’s not yahoo.