Using mail alias with Gmail (enabled for two-step authentication)


I have a DH domain, with aliases set to forward to my Gmail account. In Gmail, under Accounts and Import, I added the other email address and set it up with “smtp.mydomian” port 587, my username, and I think, no password. This was a while ago and the aliases work fine.

However, recently, I updated Gmail to use 2 step authentication with Google Authenticator. Now, if I try to add another alias, it fails saying it needs the password.

I looked in the forum and it says to go to “Other Google Account Settings” and set “Access for less secure apps” to true. What I see, when trying to do this, is that “Other Google Account Settings” takes me to Goole’s “My Account” page and there is no such option.

A little digging seems to show that this option is hidden (and not available), when using 2-step authentication.

How do we set up to use aliases with Gmail and 2 step authentication?

I’d hate to have to turn off 2-step auth, add the alias, and then re-enable 2-step, each time I want to add an alias.

Hoping there is a better way…