Using LDAP (or centralized address book)

Is there anyway to setup an LDAP server with my Dreamhost account. Something like LDAP:// so that I can have one centralized address book for the multiple computers I work from. Or is there an easier way to have a centralized addressbook?

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Any update to this? I would be very interested in this as well.

Running your own LDAP server wouldn’t really be allowed or supported on shared hosting plans. If you wanted to run this on your own machine, and have a static IP or have dynamic DNS setup, we could point a record at that machine from “”.

I don’t have any specific ideas as far as other solutions, but others might. .MAC has a central addressbook type thing, though I imagine that will only work if you’re using everywhere (or want to view it through their web interface).

I’d like to be able to post a small office’s ACT or Netscape database for shared use.

If we can’t do this via LDAP, is there some way to do it via WebDav? some other way?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’d also like to do this.

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Although this is not a very active topic here, I would like also indicate that I would very much like to have ldap access to centralize my addressbook.


LDAP would really kick ass if DreamHost could offer it sometime in the future :slight_smile:
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Dreamhost Panel -> Home ->Suggestions -> New Features ->

2004-07-28 Implement LDAP support for Mac OS X address book and similar programs.

I’ve voted for it, it’s 5 credits.

Anyone knows a solution for this issue??