Using Htaccess/WebDAV

I have enabled "Htaccess/WebDAV"
What needs to be done next? I GTP to the server and find the .htaccess and .htpasswd file under teh specified folder. Cannot View, Edit, or nor can I run my website now
Where htfolder is the directory that has Htaccess/WebDAV enabled, neither nor can be accessed.
It returns the following:
Server Not Found
Error 404

Note: FTP username and password is also added in the Htaccess/WebDAV (User accounts for this area)

Which did you enable, both? I’ve found that they don’t work well together.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish?


When I access to my website:
It should prompt for a user name and password in order to enter that directory.
Instead it is giving me:-
Server Not Found
Error 404

Please suggest what should I do? What after enabling “Htaccess/WebDAV” ?


Don’t turn on WebDAV. Use only the option to Password Protect that directory.