Using Gmail + Dreamhost as registrar only?

I’m a bit confused, and would love some advice. I have previously transferred my email over to gmail/Google Apps for my Domain (using the Dreamhost Control Panel), and it’s worked splendidly.

Now, I’m not using the web hosting component of my Dreamhost account at all, and would like to just use dreamhost to register my domain. So, today I set it to DNS only. Though Dreamhost no longer seems to be aware of my Google account, my email still works fine.

So, now, the problem: I want to close my hosting account. The panel informs me that if I do this, all my hosting services will go away into the ether forever. But I will still be able to control my DNS registration through Dreamhost. This appears to be exactly what I want. But will it mess up my Google Apps for My Domain stuff? I would be very upset if my email stopped working.

Thanks for your advice.

Couldn’t you just re add the proper records for google to your DNS record manually, if needed?