Using GMAIL creats serious URL problem(s) to MyURL?


I installed GMAIL from

GMAIL is suppose to change my email, but it changed ALL my URL

My URLs become unrecognizable…
What is going on?

On Saturday I was able to rectify this by going into

It worked ,
but after 48 Hours all my URL have reverted for NO apparent reasons to
this “

The domain manager indicates I am fully hosting all my domains: /index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&

I am NOT sharing any of my domains with GOOGLE…

Why is GMAIL still active somewhere…and changing my URLs…

What can I do about it?



Often, with DNS changes, things can be wonky for a bit, actually going back and forth for a day or so…there are all kinds of technical reasons for this, and I don’t want to go into that, but trust me when I tell you it can happen.

It may well be that you are seeing this problem, and others may be too, while others have the updated DNS (from your last change back to DH) already. There are assorted and sundry caches around that exacerbate this confusion.

If you share the url of your DreamHosted site, others could check and see if they are seeing the same problem. :wink:



rlparker, yes I agree, caches in Google and other servers are possibilties, though on Saturday (australian time) the problem was fixed in 15 minutes.

Now I tried 3 friends of mine around the world and the same story.

May be DreamHost does NOT refresh or Google does not refresh their DNS "cache"in the USA during the week end!!!.

This is a bit of a serious and ennoying mystery.

In the Dreamhost Panel, the only place where the DNS is
affected is in


Are there any other place where the DNS could have been modified? without my knowledge?